COVID 19 – Impact on BCBC Events

25 March, 2020

Committee has cancelled all walks up to and including 30 April to comply with government leaders’ urgings for everyone to avoid unnecessary travel and to stay in one’s own suburb. The decision will be reviewed at the end of April. Prospects for a full return to all activities in May do not look bright. The Prime Minister says COVID-19 will dominate our lives for six months. In the meantime, I suggest you pray the Crisis Prayer which was written by Archbishop Mark Coleridge and can be found on this website under Updates. Russ Nelson (0427 743 534)

Wikiloc Message

These days, it's best for everyone to stay at home. As a result, we find it more appropriate to pause the usual recommended trails emails. Alternatively, we'd like to suggest you use our World Map for inspiration and explore the beautiful corners waiting to be discovered. You can save them to Your Lists so once things go back to normal, you'll have a nice collection of places to visit when you return to the great outdoors. We've put together some of the most amazing trails shared by members like you. Visit Wikiloc Collections or Wikiloc Instagram to discover awe-inspiring trails.

23 March, 2020

The Daywalk on North Stradbroke Island scheduled for 28 March has been cancelled as it required travelling in confined spaces in a water taxi and on a bus.

The Daywalk from Holland Park to Southank scheduled for 2 May has been cancelled as it required public transport travel and narrow tracks and bikeways.

22 March, 2020
All strolls have been cancelled until further notice due to their reliance on public transport.
The Committee will review the situation in late April.
If you wish to discuss any matters arising from the above, please contact the President, Russ. ( / 0427 743 534)